“My Day at Memphis – Driving Spirituality into the Core of the Possible” by Dianne H. Timmering

You can find the Permission To Pray video for it on the Spirituality YouTube channel HERE.

Signature HealthCARE of Memphis is a special skilled nursing facility with a legacy of intergenerational love between the child and the grandparent, the bonding of time span by a look and a smile into the eye of one who wants to receive it.

The Bridges of Memphis was started by Corky Rodman, Administrator extraordinaire –one with a vision to define what quality of life could be, not what it was. A jewelry factory of purpose, an industry where residents sold their goods; the products, the fruits of their creative work.

Purposed again. I had not been to the Memphis market in a couple of years, healthcare a changing world from then to now, with the constraints of federal policy and state restrictions imposed upon those who actually take care of the sickest. But this visit was less about the new constraints of healthcare, though the chronic sickness grows. It was about the splendor of the healthcare workforce, the ‘can,’ the frontline clinical fighter, the warrior inside the battle. I walked around and got to witness their beauty – their indelible timelines, in that their lives commingled with the walls of the place because they had just been there so long. Others were newer.

The courses they had to take and practicums experienced were nothing like the actual experience of taking care of the sick and vulnerable who are simply beautiful folks who can no longer take care of themselves. On my visit, several of the nurses met together in the Signature Chapel; God called us in. We stood short and tall, uncertain of what would happen next, and the words began to flow as God directed them to operationalize their spirituality. They were called to activate their legacy of abundance, “pressed down, shaken together” to overflow.

Some began to cry. I told them we had compassion for them within the jewel of our Sacred Six, respect and love for the hard convictions of their work.

We showed them dignity and hope, patience for a bad day, renewed joy in a good one. We surpassed the spiritual core, dug deep, asked God to rid of us the hurt, to take away pain, to heal family members, to “bring” husbands in some cases, to bless, to protect, to favor, to open the package of opportunity because each was beautiful and brilliant. Each was worthy.

How do we drive the beauty of spirituality into the core of who we are, who each one is? How do we not forget that one shining moment of faith when we actually believed that the rain of blessings could happen? Spiritualty is, after all, about sustainability. It’s not just one moment but many, an anatomy of a thousand atoms connected so that belief and favor can happen in the life of the person impacted by torment, suffering, hardship.

The Signature Chaplain Tom continues the spiritual renewal that we witnessed that day in early February. Through engagement, prayer huddles, and in partnership with many of the department team members, Tom continues to drive the sustainability of abundance for this beautiful Memphis team. And we continue to see if it enhances stakeholder satisfaction and retention in the marketplace.

Leveraging hope impacts all around is like a stone on a gentle pond with concentric rings. If the stone falls, the rippled contagion happens and it keeps going, hardwiring spirituality into the nucleus of the possible—uncorked, day to day and very real.

Dianne H. Timmering, MBA, MFA, CNA
Vice President of Spirituality and Legislative Affairs
Signature HealthCARE Consulting Services, LLC