New Panel Series Seeks to Empower Women in the Health Care Workforce

A 2012 study revealed that only 4% of healthcare CEOs are women – a staggering statistic considering women are largely the decision-makers when it comes to health care for their families.

Signature is attempting to boost that percentage of women in health care leadership roles with its recently launched panel discussion series. Dubbed ‘Outliers’ – after the book by well-known author Malcolm Gladwell – the series facilitates discussions about how women might distinguish themselves in the workforce and ascend the ranks within their organization.

More than a dozen people – both women and men – attended the meeting last week, and even more dialed in by phone.

The panel was composed of leaders from Signature’s three organizational pillars, all women. Director of Spiritual Initiatives Stephen Bowling served as moderator, and panelists also fielded questions from audience members.

From the outset, strength and determination served as central themes for the meeting.

Vice President of Spirituality Dianne Timmering noted that responses to the word ‘no’ often vary by gender. Women are often inclined to accept rejection as a final answer, she said, while men may figure out a different way to ask the question.

She implored women to summon the confidence and determination to pursue goals with fervor.

“It’s about being fearless. It’s about embracing risk. It’s about being okay with failure,” she said. “And really, that’s what the power of an outlier is to me.”

Each of the panelists harkened back to previous experiences that helped define their paths.

“I was very in tune with everything that was happening around me,” InnovateLTC Director Alicia Heazlitt said of her childhood. “I think where I am today kind of mirrors how I was brought up.”

The group also spoke about ‘edification’ and the importance of creating a nurturing, supportive environment as a means of empowering fellow workers.

“You have all this richness here at Signature,” Timmering said. “Be bold. Be assertive. Find that divine appointment in yourself and pursue it, and become your own outlier.”


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