“Paint” by Dianne H. Timmering

“Moreover, you shall make the tabernacle with ten curtains of fine twined linen and blue and purple and scarlet yarns; you shall make them with cherubim skillfully worked into them.” Exodus 26: 1

I took an all day oil painting class on Saturday. I am a beginner for sure and Preston’s Art Studio was kind to let me join as others already had experience in the medium and understood the variations in oil which was like listening with ears clogged to the rush of water. The teacher and students spoke a language I didn’t know and asked questions that I didn’t fully understand. It was complicated–how to hold the paint brush, how to actually paint, how it dries, how to mix colors, how to observe, how to paint light. Did you know that the naked eye can pick up 1,000 color variations and you can train yourself to see thousands more?

And I loved it. It was a retreat within a reflective day. A new learning moment, a stepping into something I feared but something I desperately wanted to try. Painting on canvas I thought must be similar to painting with words. Well, it wasn’t exactly like that but I understood that besides it being a gift, painting could be a skill, and one I could learn. With some patience and diligence and desire I could keep trying.

That day, I decided to wear jeans and an old sweater of my mothers. In the early afternoon I could smell her on my sleeves. She was my arms and we were painting together. I could feel her and I knew that she was happy to try along with me. “Be who you are,” she whispered in the sweet swoosh of the brush.

Her visits from heaven have grown shorter and her eye is always on the prize of light at her back, her own portal to the way back home. But she was with me that day and her arms painted with mine and her hands were my own. And I love to paint.

Try, push forth, be. In the secret desires of the heart, we will find Him there.

Love to all. Dianne

Dianne Timmering, MBA, MFA, CNA
Vice President of Spirituality
Signature Consulting Services, LLC



“Peace To The Soul Of Imperfection” by Dianne H. Timmering

“My son, do not forget my teaching,
but keep my commands in your heart,
for they will prolong your life many years
and bring you peace and prosperity.” Proverbs 3:1-2

Obedience is an interesting word, frightening perhaps inside the sensory of restraint. Is obedience possible without an element of discernment? How are they intertwined?

Perhaps obedience means praying and listening for God’s direction, for guidance when you just don’t know the answer. Perhaps it is a call to wait, to hear Him, to “intuit” or “discern” that which you feel is the right direction to go. Obedience perhaps is beautiful to God simply because it means dialoguing with Him, asking Him, being with Him, seeking Him, relying upon Him, following Him. Perhaps obedience means getting tangled up in His heart where there is no fear. Perhaps obedience offers fierce protection, purpose to our path, and peace to our soul of imperfection. Perhaps obedience is knowing Him.

Love to all. Dianne

Dianne Timmering, MBA, MFA, CNA
Vice President of Spirituality


“The Green Sponge Roller” by Dianne H. Timmering

“He will yet fill your mouth with laughter, and your lips with shouting.” Job 8: 21

Earlier this week, I was able to join the prayer circle which meets every day in front of the home office. They are steadfast in their seeking of the Lord for the secret desires of the heart. You can’t imagine the impact of a circle of 10 to 25 people on a daily basis and seeing them with bowed heads, dedicated to the power and impact of prayer; of asking, of being, of silencing the time around them–stacking time in a linear process of peace. Simply, they are beautiful.

On that day, I was driving into the office at the top of the hour just before nine o’clock, when they meet, and was able to join the hallowed ground of Moses and the burning bush of petition. Upon leaving the circle, a kind stakeholder came up to me and whispered, “You still have a green sponge roller in your hair.” Now my hair is wild with curls depending on the day and the humidity in the air and the green 10¢ sponge roller has been my dedicated inexpensive “friend” on bad hair days.

We all laughed as I untangled it from my hair, expanding the circle of time and space when we were with God and He was with us. And it struck me that God is giddy in the moment with a sense of humor about our imperfections and saved me, along with my kind colleague, from walking into a panel discussion with a big curler in my hair!

Laugh out loud; He’s got you. He’s got whatever it is that frightens you. When you laugh, envision the prayer of need plunging down to circulate at His feet. Leave it there, and get the day in the palm of the real, for you cannot get the day back. Joy! amidst the noise of the world and the fatigue of routine. Joy in the simplicity of the unexpected laugh. Love to all.

Dianne Timmering, MBA, MFA, CNA
Vice President of Spirituality
Signature Consulting Services, LLC

“2013 Senior Olympics Opening Prayer” by Dianne H. Timmering

Drawing a crowd of more than 300, Signature HealthCARE’s third annual Central Kentucky Senior Olympics, held September 25, 2013 at Signature’s Louisville home office.
A total of 55 athlete-residents from 11 Signature homes competed in the games, with more residents in attendance to cheer on their facility teams. The following is the both the text and the audio recording of the Opening Prayer for the day by Signature HealthCARE’s Vice President of Spirituality Dianne Timmering:
Today we rejoice in God’s love for us, His joy in this moment of energy. For God is giddy, alongside us, holding each hand for He is a joyful God; a God of hopeful expectation; a fierce God, and therefore a protective and competitive God. He rejoices in this Olympian day.
This day of strength, of courage, of fighting through the quibbles of nerves for the empowerment of athletic spirit which never leaves us, only gets batted down when life seems delayed and hurting, but life never decays because breath is always in us. And with breath, a seed of faith practice and perseverance and that desire to pursue individual greatness and team achievement; we strive to win. To sit on the edge of our peak of what was, of what is, and of what can be still.
For purpose never leaves and competitive hope is healing in the continual pursuit of being. So let us be unencumbered; let us be; let us strive to have joy, competitiveness, be comrades-in-arms, in team and team spirit.
We pray for safety and an overflow of all good things. Let the games begin, Amen!

Dianne Timmering, MBA, MFA, CNA
Vice President of Spirituality