EVENT: Opening Prayer for the 2012 Senior Olympics

On October 10th, 2012 Signature HealthCARE hosted our Second Annual Senior Olympics here at our home office in Louisville, KY. Many of our precious residents from nine of our local facilities came to participate in a day-long event of fun and friendly competition before our home office stakeholders as well as many invited guests.

I was asked to give the opening prayer for the event – the text of which follows:

Dear God. We love you so much and are honored to be here today as a collective community to celebrate life and our athletes.

We thank you or the opportunity to serve both you and our precious elders. Stay with us always. Put your loving arms around us and the rich people here you see before you.

Let us never turn a blind eye. Let us embrace their wisdom and exquisite beauty. Thank you for their service and courage in the building of our nation and the loving care they have provided to so many. On behalf of grandparents, parents, moms and dads we have lost, we deem you our beloved family – sage advisors and guiding stars.

For we are a byproduct of your greatness. Let us never forget this, and that purpose reigns in every breath. Let us celebrate the competitive spirits and passions and dreams which never die in the blood but only sometimes in the sadness of the heart.

Thank you for the joy and safety of all of our people. Bless all to overflow upon our guests and stakeholders too who care. Bless them so much, pressed down shaken together. Bless the day. Bless all hands, all feet, and all hearts. Amen.


Dianne H. Timmering
Vice President of Spirituality
Signature Consulting Services, LLC