“Historic Day, A New Day” by Dianne H. Timmering

On this historic yet bittersweet day, I am reminded of old emotions as we faced a new vulnerable world after 9/11–a world where our shores could no longer protect us from the evils of malevolent aims. My husband and I cried this morning for the memory of 9/11 is not so easily erased, especially for those who lost that which was most precious against a rage that tried to steal America’s heart. But we persevere. Just as stakeholders have rescued residents from the threatening flood waters, just as some of our stakeholders have lost family members to the violent skies, we wrap our arms around them in the majestic whisper of God.

We praise God for the victory of this day; we praise God for our residents and stakeholders of whom we did not lose one life and we praise God for His love and protection and the divine appointment of Endless Hope that only a new day can bring. May the sun shine on the land again, may the waters recede, may hearts mend, may loss find comfort in the deep palm of His hand. Love to all. Psalm 91.

Dianne Timmering, Vice President of Spirituality
Signature Consulting Services, LLC

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